Assignment Sample on “Wanderers by Choice”

1. Think of someone you know who has travelled extensively. What are the benefits and the challenges of travel?

Ans: When I entered college, I discovered a good number of people, who had experience of travelling. These people had a better understanding of the world and its ways than those, who had never set foot outside their home states. Travelling has some very obvious benefits as it really opens up the mind. Going around the world and meeting new people makes us knowledgeable of the ways of the people around the world. They could tell you of the cultures of different people and the myths and legends connected to different places, as well their history. Thus, if certain references are made to any such culture that they have come across, it becomes very easy for them to contextualize. They can also understand the origins of a person very well as they can use their understanding of the mannerisms of the person and thus very easily befriend them.

2. Would you ever consider living in another country? If so, what appeals to you about this prospect? What challenges might you face?

Ans: Travelling to and living in a foreign land is one of my greatest dreams. I have always desired to go to places that I have never been and interested in getting to know newer people and their ways of life. So, if such an opportunity presents itself to me, I would be utterly and greatly delighted by the prospect. The most appealing part of settling in a different country is getting to know its people. The exchange of stories for our own countries and sharing those experiences with the people we meet is a very endearing concept to me.

However, it does not mean that settling somewhere else would be very easy for me. One of the first challenges that anyone faces while settling in a new country is to get to know its language. Without knowing the language, one is virtually illiterate and almost completely at the mercy of the translator. Such a situation cannot be an easy one for anybody. Secondly, we are also required to have knowledge of the manners and etiquettes of the people. Even subtle behavioral cues, which may have no significance at our home, can be very offensive in foreign lands.

3. Discuss the rhetorical strategies the author employs in “Wanderers by Choices.” Identify, for example, the effective use of narrative, description, analogy, and cause and effect. Reread some recent pieces of your own writing and consider how incorporating these strategies would strengthen your work.

Ans: The author attempts to show how exiles, which are actually hardships to the people who face them, can be seen as adventures and an opportunity. There has been a romanticization of the hardships faced by the people. It shows that even in the grim pictures of misery and poverty, which are the part of the lives of diasporas and nomads, certain little pleasures exist to them, which may not exist in our daily lives.

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