Key Steps in Critiquing an Article

critiquing an article

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Commenting, reviewing or critiquing an article is a great way to give feedback to a written work, maybe of your friend or your classmate. However, doing so is not all about giving advice or comment to his essay for example but it is about giving an insightful advice about things to improve, something like an in-depth critique.

Critique Writing Tips

  1. By reviewing an essay or writing, you should keep in mind that you’re doing it in order to help the writer come up with a better version of his work. You might also have to spend a lot of time in reviewing such work, especially if it is a book, which may be lengthy. But since you are reviewing an article, time shouldn’t be that long, but still you have to give it enough of it.
  2. In commenting, you have to be objective and honest because the writer needs it from you. You should help the writer resolve or change some flaws in his writing, for instance an article. Your main role, therefore, is to give him an honest and objective opinion about his work before submitting it to a publisher.
  3. Accept the task. When asked to critiquing an article, don’t turn it down just because you’re not interested in the topic or subject. You should also not reject it because you think you don’t have qualifications to make a review or comments to the article. You just have to bear in mind that the writer is asking you this task because he trust that you will give him a great insight on how he can improve his article.
  4. Ask the writer for a clean copy of the article, and not the one on paper with emendations or notes. The hard copy must be double-spaced and computer-printed.
  5. If you have a computer copy of the article, make changes and make them up. You can insert notes through the ‘comment feature.’ In the process, you can make these notes, but still are able to let the writer see those brief notes you have included in the comments.
  6. Review the article and not the writer. You should focus on his product and not on him. You should make suggestions in the article critique and not make an evaluation of the writer himself. Check the way he’s written your critical reflection and not his way of thinking.
  7. No matter you are giving a general feedback or a detailed one, you should always begin and end with a positive note. You can restate your positive comments when summarizing the review. You can talk about the strengths, and stay diplomatic while keeping yourself frank. Remember, the writer also wants to know of good things he is doing correctly.
  8. Make the review specific and not vague. You should use the active voice when pointing out problems and giving solutions, and not the passive voice. You should communicate clearly on ways on how the writer can express himself better in this article critique.
  9. Encourage him to ask questions and clarifications. You should also tell him that he is free to act on the review if he becomes defensive of your feedback.
  10. Set limitations on the effort and time you spend in reviewing his work.

Critique Writing Made Easy!

Follow these steps when evaluating an article and you will be just fine. When performing this task, stay objective and honest in your comments—most important things a writer is asking from you.

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