How to Write a Qualitative Article Critique

qualitative article critique

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Critiquing qualitative research is both a challenging and rewarding task if you were asked by an author to review, comment or evaluate his work. It is challenging in the sense that you have to keep an objective-mind even if the author is your close friend.

What he is asking of you is to give him an insightful advice and feedback on how to make his work better. The review is rewarding in the sense that you will be able to help the qualitative research author to improve his work and communicate better to his readers. Now the question, “How do you write a qualitative article critique?

Qualitative Research Critique Checklist

When reviewing research, you should find out if the author answers the following questions:

  1. Does his title describe his article? In the qualitative article critique , this is the first one to check when writing your review.
  2. Does his abstract summarize it? See to it that the author is able to provide and summarize the research properly in his abstract.
  3. Is the introduction clear of the purpose of the research? When writing your review, see to it if he has made the purpose of the study clear through his introduction.
  4. Did he make a properly introduced problem? Check out how he introduced the problems and if these are relevant to the study.
  5. Did the author meet the purpose of the study in clear and complete explanation? After reading and before writing and critiquing qualitative research, think if the author was successful at meeting his study goals.
  6. Did he present his questions clearly? This is the same with number 4.
  7. Does it have the theoretical framework informing the research? What is the theoretical framework that he used and does it inform the research properly?
  8. Is his literature review comprehensive and relevant and does it include the most recent research? Check if the research has a complete and relevant literature review and not just any study at all. Also, check if he included the most updated study on this topic.
  9. Does his qualitative research come with section details on ways his questions were raised or his hypotheses were verified and tested? Check if the author has proven the points he has mentioned from the start.
  10. Is his analysis consistent with his research design and study questions? This is one of the most important in critiquing qualitative research. See to it that he remained consistent from the start to the end of research paper writing process.
  11. Did he present his results and statistics clearly? Review and evaluate his facts, including statistics, and see if they are laid out clearly.
  12. Does the author’s discussion point out the relationships between the theoretical framework, significance and research questions and the results? See to it that he has proven this section.
  13. Does he present the limitations and implications properly? See if this section is given justice and information is succinct.
  14. Does his conclusion include some recommendations about the practice, for policymakers and for future research? This is where it all ends, so check if the author has given some recommendations on these areas.

There you have the detailed checklist on what to comment on when writing the qualitative article critique. Follow these and come up with an honest and objective feedback. On the other hand, you can use our custom writing services not to waste your time and effort.

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