5 Worst Mistakes in Writing a Reflective Essay

writing a reflective essay

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Are you looking for reflective essay help to come up with an impressive reflection paper? This is one of the most common writing assignments of students who should also do well in the task, as their grade also depends on it without even saying.

First of all, remember that a reflective essay is your personal opinion or voice, based from your experience about what is happening there and then. This is not someone else’s viewpoint but yours. Having that said, you should always be yourself and honest when writing your reflection essay so that you can communicate with your readers better. Check out the following for the five worst mistakes when writing a reflective essay.

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Five Worst Mistakes in Reflective Essay Writing

  1. There are some people who commit the mistake in planning their essay. Because students do not plan well, they often come up with generic angles of the topic. The best way to do things is to brainstorm about possible opportunities and subjects for your writing before and during the task, and not after it. In addition, you should think that this reflective essay is an admission essay, a conversation or a first date, so you should get rid of the overused narrative tactics that will bore your readers and cause them to stop reading.
  2. Giving too much or too little details is another mistake in writing a reflective essay. Remember that the reflective essay is about your reflection, an experience. Therefore, you should make sure that you are able to take the reader with you as you go on writing. Having that said means that you should give just enough details so that they can understand your essay’s story. Do not give too much information that will bore them and do not give too little information that will keep them guessing (What happened next? What was that?). Avoid supplying excessive information in your essay as well as putting too little of it, but most important here is you become successful in illustrating your story to your readers in the clearest, most precise manner as possible.
  3. Not organizing the style and structure of the writing is another big mistake in writing a reflective essay. Some students fail at taking time to organize their thoughts, so their entire essay’s flow becomes ruined and unclear in conclusion. To avoid this issue, have a clear direction or focus in your writing.
  4. Having lack of personal touch is another great reflective essay writing mistake to avoid. Some students have this lack of authenticity when writing, so their readers find it hard to connect with their essay.
  5. Using difficult to understand language is part of the worst mistakes in reflective essay writing. Remember, you are writing for readers to understand and not to feel confused in the process of reading.

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Remembering these worst mistakes in your reflective essay and qualitative article critique will keep you out of trouble. Therefore, bear them in mind and do just the opposite of these mistakes to be in the right direction in writing a reflective essay.

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