Writing a Book Analysis in 5 Simple Steps

Many students, if not all, have experienced writing a review of a book, and unbelievably but true, many of them did not find it easy. It is rather understandable that many people may not be able to come up with a good review, especially if they are not writers and if they are not experienced in reviewing a work of literature. Don’t worry though. If you are in the middle of writing a review of a book, check out this blog and see the five easy steps that you can make use of and write your book.

Five Easy Steps in Book Analysis

If you have to write a book review, don’t worry that it would be hard, as you only need to follow the steps we’re outlining below for it.

  1. Before the book analysis, make sure that you have looked into the details, including the cover, nature of the book, number of pages and its category. Prior to writing, open the book and then flip the pages, and also find out the number of chapters present as well as the size of paragraphs. You should also determine how the author has structured the book and how it is when it comes to readability.
  2. Take some notes, which can serve as references later. And then start reading the book, but don’t just read it. You have to pay attention on it and do not allow your mind to wander or travel elsewhere. The first thing when writing a book is how it caught your attention and how you like it overall (and your reasons).
  3. Review the book and don’t forget to take down notes in the framework you did earlier. This is an important part of the process, so you should fill in the blank spaces and write purposeful notes, such as what happened in the first chapter and so on. What has affected you? Check out some things that help the author in achieving the effects that he or she wants the readers to get. You should also explain every character in the novel, if this is a fiction work as well as how each of them relates to one another.
  4. Summarize the book and make a judgment if this is a good or bad book, and highlight reasons you said so. Make sure that you conveyed the message clearly. Be able to explain the reasons and make sure that you are able explain these points well.
  5. Now make a judgment of yourself. Did you achieve your goals in reviewing the book? Ask yourself if you have explained every aspect of the book, and target it towards your readers. And then edit and proofread your book analysis and then add or remove text when you deemed fit.

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Writing a review of a book should not be hard if you know the aspect to focus into this piece. In the end, you should ask yourself, “Am I able to give this review the justice and judgment it deserves to persuade people into reading it or not?”

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