Full Guide on Writing an Argumentative Essay

argumentative essay writingArgumentative essay writing tests your critical thinking skills because you should be able to make a constructive critique or review of a specific conclusion using your line of thoughts.

However, writing an argumentative essay, in this case, should be very objective and thorough so that you can make a forceful, persuasive piece that will make your readers say, “He/she’s right and logical.”

Complete Guide to Writing an Argumentative Essay

  1. First in this argumentative essay help, remember that your essay must contain three important parts, namely, the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. But the length of each part will greatly vary based on the instruction of professor or instructor.
  2. Make an outline and do not begin without it.
  3. What is your topic? What is your side of the story? An argumentative essay’s main goal is to present your side of the topic, your points or arguments (agree or disagree) and to persuade people to taking this side. The first part of an argumentative research paper or essay must be the introduction or as short explanation of your topic, as well as a thesis statement and information background. The thesis is the most important part as it contains your position about a specific topic, mostly a controversial one.
  4. Be able to present both sides of the coin or the topic or controversy. We’re now on the meat of your argument here, wherein you should go into more details about the two sides of the story, and it is your chance to stating or presenting your main points being on the counter or defensive side of the issue.
  5. In the argumentative essay writing, you have to present the other side first before offering your side or point. At this stage, you should be able to present your viewpoint and then state your evidence why you are choosing this side and why you think this is the right one. Present these points one-by-one, starting from the most important to the least.
  6. You can make use of various types of proofs, including anecdotal stories, studies and statistics, among others. This part of an argumentative research paper may be lengthy, sometimes from three paragraphs up to hundreds of pages.
  7. In your summary paragraphs, you should restate your position.
  8. Do not make up evidence just to prove a point. Your essay must be backed up by proof and not merely based on your personal opinions, stock knowledge and false information.
  9. Be logical and avoid the use of an emotional language. You should distinguish that logical is different from emotional. Use the logical point of view.
  10. Cite your sources, as to where you have gathered the proofs so that readers can check them out in case they need additional information.
  11. Be ready to defend your side by having the strongest arguments in your essay, which is going to be challenged by other people.

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There you have our argumentative essay help and guide so that you can come up with a compelling essay or research paper that has the strongest arguments about a certain issue. Nevertheless, spend enough time studying about your topic, brainstorming and writing an outline prior to writing. Finally, edit your paper and do well on it!

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