How to Write a Synthesis Essay Fast

synthesis essayA synthesis essay is a type of written work that makes use or draws at least one source and it is a test on how you will be able to infer relationships between your sources, which may or may not include fiction, observations, essays and articles, among others. They may also include interviews, lectures and observation, among other non-written pieces of work.

A Complete Synthesis Writing Guide

  1. What is your purpose in writing this essay? Determine it and then read the topic assignment and understand it. You should know what those things you want to accomplish in this essay are and ways that you can achieve this purpose with the help of your sources are.
  2. By talking about sources in synthesis writing, it is not about getting just any source. Instead, you should choose from and read on these sources well, based on your purpose. And then re-read the sources and make a mental picture or message of which parts of these sources will help you in fulfilling your writing goals. One helpful tip is to underline or highlight those passages or messages which contain the main points, key words and terms you may want to refer to later in the synthesis essay.
  3. When writing a synthesis paper, you also have to make a thesis, your main idea, which you are going to present in the essay. It should be a complete sentence, with your assertion of the topic and the topic itself. In some cases, the thesis statement is in the first sentence and sometimes in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph.
  4. In writing your synthesis essay, you should decide how to use your materials as well as you should be able to learn how to take notes, information and ideas of your sources so that you can fulfill your purpose in writing your essay. Write down information from these sources so that you can develop and back up your thesis later.
  5. Make or develop an organizational plan based on your thesis. This is important in arranging your material in a way that your essay will be cohesive and organized. In the process, you will also be able to indicate the clear relationships between your sources.
  6. Write your first draft of the synthesis essay with your organizational plan in mind. You can also be flexible and add or incorporate new ideas while writing.
  7. Document your sources, using in-text citations in MLA style, and then make a list of works cited to give credit the sources.
  8. Be ready in revising your synthesis essay by inserting phrases or words when needed. You can also integrate some quotations so that they can flow smoothly in your own sentences. You can also use attribution phrases to differentiate the ideas of the sources from yours.
  9. Edit your essay and see if it flows logically and clearly from the start to the end. You should also check for grammar errors before submitting it.

Writing a synthesis paper may be easier if you would follow these steps. What’s more, you can easily use some of them for your argumentative essay writing.

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