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5 Tricks of Reflective Journal Writing

reflective journal writingIn any career, people do not only have to look and write about things in a critical and scientific manner, but also in a reflective one, something important in personal and career development. This is called reflective journal writing, wherein you will write some kind of thought journal containing your ideas, reflection and knowledge bits that you have gained in your career. To get started, check out the following guide that will help you write the best reflective writing essays.

Writing a Reflective Journal

This piece of writing is a very important one because it will help you go back to your achievements, accomplishments, progress and things you want to remember or discover. This may also include what you have learned in the day or the week. Here, you can also include things you enjoyed, experiences you had and things where you excelled. These and more are the things you can include when reflecting.

Tips for Reflective Writing Essays and Journals

  1. For one, remember that your journal is your private space, and it is about what works for you, something that only you know. Maybe you can start by thinking about your purpose or your motivation. Now if you are struggling to begin in writing, you may want to stop for a while and compose yourself until you are ready. Maybe you can try getting some fresh air and unwinding. Without even saying, you must be feeling relaxed and inspired in writing reflective writing essays, although you can also write about bad experiences here.
  2. Set a specific time in writing every week or every day so that you can make an entry in your journal. You should also learn how to organize your thoughts; perhaps, you can think of specific categories and then make new categories while you are getting used to writing.
  3. You can start describing things in your reflective journal writing. Maybe you can write about things you have been doing or those new tasks or roles that you have. You can also write about how you feel about these new changes, without you having to interpret these events, but you soon will as you go on.
  4. In this reflective journal writing, you will also have to determine if you are writing only work related or even life related stuff. You can also interrelate and show ways they influence each other.
  5. As an idea, you can write about things, such as your characteristics that are hindering you from succeeding in your career or expectations you have from a job or a course. You can also include details about how you are feeling at this moment and what you are expecting today or this week.

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Reflective writing essays can be easy, but that’s if you would follow the tips and tricks we have shared above. Nevertheless, a reflection essay is about you, your experiences, your expectations and all about you. Give this writing specific time for the day or the week so that you can meet your purpose of accomplishing it. Not to waste your time and effort you can easily get help from custom essay writing services.

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