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How to Start a Health Research

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Doing Health Research for Your Assignments and Papers

If you have been tasked with doing a health assignment then you will want to support your work with robust and accurate research. Research that is relevant and respected to support your arguments and build a firm background for your own work. But writing up a good health project is not always easy; but if you want to follow a career in this are going to have to ensure that your assignments will get the best grades.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cancer is starting to become the leading cause of death in many states over heart disease. This is just one area that you could base your health assignment around. But to get those required grades you need to be able to write up the research that you do perfectly.

Guidance for Writing a Grade Winning Health Case Study

We are not always asked to write essays and papers in areas in which we are knowledgeable or highly interested. This can lead to some real issues with being able to write something that is going to impress. The following guidance however can provide you with a lot of the help that you need for writing your health paper:

  • Stay attentive within your classes: much of what you need to know in any subject area is going to be covered within the class. So it is vital that you pay attention and do any additional reading and research that is required of you.
  • Not all answers are in Google: your research should be conducted not just online but also from the library where you can access journals and other literature which can provide more reliable sources of information. What you do find online needs to be verified and if possible traced back to the primary source of information.
  • Keep careful notes: one of the issues that many students face is not being able to make citations correctly due to poor note keeping. When you do your research always keep full notes of the details that you will need for your references and citations.
  • Ensure that you understand what your assignment is asking for: read it carefully to be sure that you will answer it correctly. Never make assumptions, if you are not sure ask your tutor.
  • Create an outline for your health essay: A clear outline that shows what you need to cover within each section of your paper will save a huge amount of time when you start to write as well as highlighting if there are any areas that you need to do additional work and research within.
  • Don’t copy anything from online: it’s better to do use examples to get ideas for your own work. Same goes with literature review outline.
  • Join a study group or work with a friend to get additional support with your research and writing: But never copy anyone else’s work.
  • Edit and proofread your health based paper: make sure it reads perfectly and has no errors that will cause your marks to drop.

Some Additional Expert Advice on Writing Your Paper

Health is an area in which there are a lot of unsubstantiated claims made so your research really does need to be done very carefully. As The Daily Greenwich advises:

“Do proper research first. Health is extremely important to many people, so it’s fertile ground for marketers trying to sell dubious products. From advertisement websites to clickbait “news” sites, there’s a lot of poorly substantiated, dubious health content circulating online and in print. This means it’s important for you to do a lot of research before you start writing your term paper. The best places to find information are peer-reviewed academic papers about topics like medical implications of lifestyle choices, or sociological examinations of how and why people choose a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to fact-check all of your information.”

If you find yourself struggling with your health research project and are not sure where to start simply contact our experts here today for support that you can trust!

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