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How to Write a Winning Research Impact Case Study

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What Is an Impact Case Study?

There is a huge amount of research done through many different institutions and even government bodies but often we fail to measure what the actual impact of the research is. Once research has been completed has anyone taken notice of what was found? The recommendations made? Or even just developed and improved on the discoveries made. According to Erik Stokstad writing for Science Magazine only 1% of researchers publish their work every year.

The impact of research is going to become more and more important in the future and some funding decisions will become more focused on the actual potential impact of the research rather than just research for the sake of research. Impact writing or a management essay therefore is something that is going to become more important and you will need to know how to write your impact paper.

Tips for Writing an Effective Impact Paper

What follows are some tips for writing an impact paper that will effectively show just how much of an effect research has had. Follow this tips or hire an essay writing service Toronto:

  • Clearly show just who has actually benefited from the research: whether it is end users, organizations, businesses, etc. Be as specific as possible.
  • Be clear as to what the impact was: ensure that you can include quantitative data that shows clearly the size of the impact rather than unsubstantiated or exaggerated claims. Numbers will always highlight the true impact better than opinion.
  • Be very concise in your writing: The reader will want to be able to quickly draw out the facts of the situation and will not want to read reams of rambling text.
  • Use a good structure for your writing: f.e. UK’s Research Excellence Framework will give your writing logical flow.
  • Use language that is easy to understand and direct: The audience for an impact paper are not always going to be academics or people highly versed in the specific language of the field that you are writing about.
  • When writing about multiple case studies try to keep each study as similar as possible with regards to what areas you are covering. So for instance have the same sub headings within each case study.
  • Quotations will often help to bring your paper to life: as well as add additional credibility if the people making the quotes are respected within their areas.
  • Carefully proofread your work. Writing mistakes can lead the reader to believe that if you have not taken care with your writing then maybe you did not take care with your research.

As Jane Tinkler writing for University World News says:

“.., UK academics are now encouraged to meld their research with the needs of the outside world through the introduction of a measurement of the effects, or ‘impact’, of academic research on wider society in the upcoming Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment exercise.

This could provide them with a considerable incentive to make their research more accessible in terms of both language and publication methods. There is also a significant advantage for cash-strapped universities as the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) will be allocating 20% of REF funding to this question of illustrating external impact.”

Should you have any issues with writing your own impact case study get in touch with our experts here today who will be happy to provide you with any support that you need!

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