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6 Hints of Writing a Development Essay

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Writing a Development Essay

Development is an area that can have impacts in many different ways on our lives. Economic growth and development will have effects not only on a countries but also in many areas such as for instance the environment or as the World Health Organization points out in many areas of a countries health. So a development essay could cover many different subject areas within your education depending on the focus of your paper.

But as with any other essay or paper that you are tasked with writing f.e. impact case study it is going to need to be completed to a high standard if you are going to be awarded the grades that you need. Your writing must contain well thought out research and must have no errors. Anything less than perfection could see your grades affected negatively.

How to Write the Best Development Paper

The following tips from our essay experts will provide you with some help and guidance for organizing yourself to research and write a well thought out and effective development assignment:

  • Prepare yourself for your assignments: have a regular routine for conducting your research and assignment writing so that you will always do your work at the same time each day. Also always get your work done in a place that is totally free of any distractions so that you can concentrate fully on your assignments.
  • Make sure that you fully understand what your assignment is asking you to do: Read it very carefully so that it is clear in your mind what you need to cover. If it is not clear then talk with your tutor to get clarification.
  • Do careful research: You should rely on sources other than Google for the research that you need for your paper. Use your library to access relevant papers and journals. If you do use the internet use reputable sites and always trace information back to its primary source. Make sure that you collect all of the required information about your sources to be able to make citations and write your bibliography.
  • Create a simple outline for your report: While many students prefer to jump straight in and start their writing an outline will more often than not help you to do your writing quicker and to avoid issues with excessive rewriting at a later stage. An outline does not have to be time consuming or complicated. Simple bullets made under each section of your paper to show what you need to cover will often be enough to guide your writing and to highlight any areas that need additional work or research.
  • Get help and support: working in a study group or with a partner can allow you to bounce ideas around and share research. However never submit the same paper! Using example essays online is also acceptable if you are looking for ideas and guidance; however never copy them as this would be plagiarism and could see you in very serious trouble.
  • Edit and proofread your writing carefully to ensure that is free of errors: It needs to flow well and be worded in a way that is going to be understood by your intended audience. There should be no writing errors of any kind if you want your work to be accepted and the best grades awarded.

Just remember the essay that you produce should always be your own and written based on robust and wide reaching research from a number of sources. As Chris Blattman at the University of Chicago says:

“The worst essay I ever read (from a grad student at an unnamed Ivy college) sought to explain why China developed after the West. The sole source of evidence (and about 80% of the text): a series of block quotations from the Encyclopedia Britannica.”

If you want to get the best grades then you will need to put in the work. If you are struggling with your development essay just get in touch with our experts here today for support that you can rely on to deliver!

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