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How to Write a Successful Ethics Essay

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Writing Your Ethics Essay

Ethics are the rules by which we make our decisions with regards to what is acceptable or not acceptable. Generally to be accepted within society we would have to follow what that society saw as the norm. However there are often many grey areas and areas of disagreement within any society and also people that want to push the boundaries to see what will happen.

Generally however we tend to do things ethically. This is not always the case however as can be demonstrated by the Tuskegee study where men were left infected with a sexually transmitted disease for 25 years after an actual cure was found just so the scientists could see what would happen. The end result being that many died or infected others, something that would never be allowed to happen today with the rules that are in place to ensure ethical behavior.

Writing an ethics paper however is not going to be an easy task, not just because of the subject but also because of the standard of writing that you will be expected to meet. Academic writing becomes more and more difficult as you progress through your education and even simple spelling mistakes at higher levels would see your work returned back to you.

Advice for Your Ethics Writing

Creating that perfect ethics assignment or a development project is a task that is going to take some work on your part no matter how you look at it. The following tips however will help you to better understand what you should do:

  • Start by always paying attention in the lectures that you attend and do all of the reading that is asked of you. Generally this will cover everything that you will need to understand for doing your assignments.
  • Do your assignments somewhere quiet that has no distractions enabling you to concentrate on your work. Also set yourself a defined time every day to do your work so that you get into a clear routine.
  • Read your assignment question very carefully so that you are sure what you are being asked to write. If it is not clear ask your tutor to clarify the prompt.
  • Do your research using sources found in your library and not just the internet. If you do use the internet ensure that your sources are reputable and check all facts very carefully.
  • When conducting ethics literature research keep comprehensive notes; remember that you need to make citations and include details within your bibliography.
  • Create an outline to guide your writing. This will save a huge amount of time with your writing and will help you to stay focused in a subject area like ethics. The outline will also help you spot any obvious holes in your argument and areas that need additional research before you actually start to write.
  • Support your arguments with real evidence from your research rather than allowing your own bias to creep into your writing.
  • Look at examples of similar ethics papers to get ideas for your own essay, but never copy what you see or try to reword it.
  • Work with a study group so that you can throw ideas around and better develop your arguments. Do not all submit the same paper however.
  • Proofread your writing very carefully to avoid any errors in your writing prior to submission.

Some Expert Advice with Writing Your Ethics Assignment:

The following advice from Kristyn Hammond writing for demand media will also provide you with some helpful guidance with writing your successful paper:

“An ethical dilemma occurs when two or more specific ethical ideals are at odds and you must make a decision, founded on your logical assessment, about which ethical ideal is more important. Ethical dilemmas allow you to investigate ethical questions from an analytical point of view and make a final determination for yourself. In a paper format, this process is the same and you must make sure that each point is clear and logical.”

Our assignment expert advice if followed will help you to ensure that your assignment is going to meet the expectations of your tutor and help you to win the grades that you need.

Should you still be in need of help though, our experts are here online to provide you any support that you need!

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