Narrative Essay Writing Help

Narrative essay writing refers to writing an essay about your personal experience. It can be the same as writing a profile essay when you write about another person. Both types of essays require you to go through the five steps of the writing process from pre-writing to the final step of publishing the last draft of the essay that has been edited to perfection. It is a misconception among students that in profile and narrative writing, essay topics are on stories about people. The truth is that you can write on an object, a location or anything you choose as long as you can bring the topic to life for your readers.

The goals of narrative essay writing

In both narrative essay writing and profile essay writing the goal is to tell a story by using descriptive words and phrases. They can be factual or fictional and told from various points of view. These assignments are usually given to try to address the student’s creativity and get them thinking from a different perspective. One example would be a narrative essay entitled “My Life as a Pencil.”

Some of the goals of writing in the narrative mode are:

  • Send a message to the reader through a unifying theme in the essay
  • Show the flexibility of writing in different persons – first, second or third
  • Demonstrate the ability to write descriptively through storytelling

It is important for students to be able to write about others as well as themselves which is where the practice of writing profile essay comes into play. In this type of writing, you would tell a story in the life of another person, living or dead, famous or unknown.

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